I want to be magic.
I want to touch the heart of the world and make it smile. I want to be a friend of elves and live in a tree. Or under a hill. I want to marry a moonbeam and hear the stars sing. I don't want to pretend at magic anymore. I want to be magic.
Charles de Lint

We all start out knowing magic. We are born with whirlwinds, forest fires, and comets inside us. We are born able to sing to birds, read the clouds and see our destiny in grains of sand. But then we get the magic educated right out of our souls.
Robert R. McGammon

These two quotes sum up my entire life. I was the wide eyed child, Robert R. McGammon talks about, loving everything and seeing magic everywhere. I had an imaginary friend called Berry (really) and fairies at the bottom of my garden.
Sadly, all too soon life got me, and I became a "proper" adult. (Albeit with a massive appetite for fantasy books!)

I am pleased to say, that I am once more able to see the wonder around me, and revel in worlds of the imagination.
As a grandmother, I feel it is my duty to spread magic where, and as often as I can. Like Charles de Lint, I truly want to be magic.

I endevour to sprinkle my illustrations, paintings and writing with a great deal of fairy dust.

Roz Paterson - I am happy to work on comission, in any medium - painting, illustration or design.
The Stars were my best friends. The air was full of legends and phantoms, full of mythical and fairy tale creatures, which suddenly flew away over the roof, so that one was at one with the firmament.
Marc Chagall
In a way we are magicians.
We are alchemists, sorcerers and wizards. We are a very strange bunch. But there is great fun in being a wizard.

Billy Joel
The Magic is only in what books say, how they stitched the patches of the universe together into one garment for us.

Ray Bradbury
Drawing is still basically the same as it has been since prehistoric times. It brings together man and the world. It lives through magic.

Keith Haring